December 13, 2023

A Letter to Birth Workers: Why Branding Photography Matters for Your Birth Work

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Dear Amazing Birth Workers,

I see you. I see the importance of what you do with each and every mother you serve. You’re so strong – fighting for your mamas in every decision as they go through the process of birthing their precious child.

As you go on this beautiful journey of serving your clients, let’s talk about something equally beautiful – branding photography. I know, it’s probably not on the top of your list of things to do, but hang with me, it can be the link that’s keeping you from connecting fully with your clients.

Read on for some of my thoughts on how it can affect your business.

It Can Bring Your Stories to Life:

Imagine you have this fantastic story to share, and you want the whole world to know about it!

You’ve got the words, but getting the photos to go with it is tricky to get on your own. Photography is like the storyteller’s assistant, tying your experiences to visuals that speak volumes. These aren’t just any photos; they’re scenes of the pure joy, courage, and love that fill the birthing room.

Birth Photography OKC

It Can Create Connections:

Your future clients, the amazing moms-to-be, are on a journey of their own. They’re dreaming about the day their little one arrives. Branding photography helps them connect with you on a whole different level.

They see your passion, the genuine smiles, and the heartfelt moments you’ve captured for others. It’s like an introduction that goes beyond words – a visual handshake, if you will.

It Shows Your Style:

You have a unique and profound way of supporting mothers.

Maybe it’s the peaceful spirit you bring into the room, the knowledge you bring in the scary moments, or maybe it’s the consitancy you show to all your clients.

Marketing photography lets you showcase your personality, giving soon-to-be parents a sneak peek into the incredible experience you offer.

Birth Photography OKC

It Builds Trust:

For moms-to-be, trust is everything.

They want to feel confident in the person who is in their birthing space. When they see the real faces on your website and social media – the warmth, and the dedication – it’s like meeting a friend who happens to be a birthing rock star!

It Helps Partners Get on Board:

I understand that sometimes getting partners on board with the idea of your services can be a challenge. Branding photography is your secret weapon here.

It shows you’re a professional. It shows an emotional connection. It’s the best of you in your work.

So, dear birth workers, embrace the magic of branding photography. Let it be your ally in reaching your clients, telling your stories, and building connections. It’s not just about pictures; it’s about creating a bridge between you and the families you’re destined to support.

Remember, your work is so, SO important. Let’s get the world to see it!

With admiration and support,

Sarah Williams

Birth Photographer & Videographer

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