You're looking forward to the best day of your life...

...birth plan in hand, ready for everything to go just as you picture it.

BUT, Birth is messy.

Rarely does your birth go as planned.


My first birth started slow, failed to progress and resulted in the assistance of meds and an emergency c-section. 

My second was a fast-paced, natural VBAC.

Having experienced both ends of the spectrum, I can tell you that there is STILL a high level of empowerment in any type of birth (I mean, look at my face in both of those pics!).

With our First Born, HaZEL.
With our second, Harvey.

Whether your birth goes as planned or not,

your story is worth telling.

Hey there!


I'm a birth photographer and videographer serving central Oklahoma families.

Welcome, friends!  I'm so glad you're here.

A little about me. First off,

I'm a feeler.

(Ok, hold up, don't leave yet.)
I love raw emotions. I thrive off of seeing people put their ALL into each other. Supporting one another throughout the pain and the joy.

This is what led me to 

birth photography.

In 2015, I was a photographer and, on a whim, a friend asked if I would do photos at the birth of her first born. I had always admired those who were able to capture this type of work, so I immediately said "Yes!!" 

It turns out, her birth story ended up so similar to mine and in her quiet moments of changed plans, I was able to be there for her in a way I had not anticipated. More than just a photographer.

I was a support person for her physically, mentally and emotionally.

A few Images from That First Birth Client

Ok, enough of the mushy stuff...
here are some other tidbits you need to know about me:

• If you comment on something I own, 94% of the time I'm going to tell you I got it at Goodwill.

• My favorite smell in the whole world is rain on hot concrete in the spring. 

• I'm currently growing out my gray hair and I'm loving it more than I ever thought I would

• I consider myself to be best friends with Ashley Flowers, Harry Potter and David Rose.

• When I'm not working, you'll find me:

- at Camp Doris at the Wildlife Refuge in SW Oklahoma
- watching a Marvel movie and building LEGOs with the family
- serving the local church
- at a thrift store or estate sale
- celebrating the latest holiday with the tightest group of friends

So, that's me.

NOw, Let me show you what I do