January 9, 2024

The Truth About Preparing for Your New Baby: What Really Matters

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Whether you’re a seasoned pro with a clan of little ones at home, or a first-timer eagerly counting down the days to that special due date, there’s something universal about preparing for a new baby – the time always flies by faster than we expect! 

Being a mom myself, I’ve gathered a lots of wisdom on what really matters when prepping for the arrival of your little one, and what might just be extra noise. 

So, let’s dive in and explore my top 10 tips on preparing for your new baby while you’re still pregnant!

This is the real-deal, tried-and-tested, straight from the heart advice that you’ll be glad to know!

Ada OK |  Newborn Photography

1. Designing the Perfect Nursery

(and this likely won’t be what you’re thinking)

Let’s chat nurseries and daydream a little! 

What do you want it to look like?
Calming boho theme?
An out-of-this-world galaxy theme?
Or, maybe, a whimsical enchanted forest?

Trust me, setting up a nursery that’s both soothing and practical will help keep your sanity when you’re changing diapers at 3 AM.

Let’s start with functionality.

Make sure you’ve got room for the essentials: a crib, changing station, and, of course, a comfy chair for those late-night feedings.

Next, let’s make it unique to your family.

The aesthetics are totally up to you and what you want your baby to experience. Your nursery, your rules.

Important!! If you’re unsure about the theme, no worries, just go with colors or elements that you love.

Who wouldn’t want a calming oasis instead of chaos of mismatched furniture and clutter at the 3AM feeding? I know which one I’d pick.

Remember, creating the perfect nursery isn’t just about it looking cute for Instagram (though that’s a nice bonus!). It’s about creating a space where you and your baby feel comfortable, relaxed, and happy.

Psst: If you don’t plan to have a nursery until baby is older, that’s ok too! You can always come back to this later!

2. Save Your Sanity by Organizing Baby’s Clothes Ahead of Time

Between the baby showers and hand-me-downs, you’re probably swimming in a sea of baby clothes. Organizing baby clothes might sound like a low-priority job, but let me tell you, it’s a sanity saver!

Why? Because you’ll be up to your elbows in diapers and the last thing you need is to dig for a clean onesie at the bottom of a messy drawer.

So, here’s a little trick — sort baby’s outfits by size and season. That way, you can grab the right gear at the right time, and you don’t have to worry about missing out on using that sweet summer romper because it was hidden behind winter gear.

And don’t forget about the local baby boutiques in Oklahoma City. Some of them even have consignment options. Trade in those gently used outfits your little one has outgrown and score some new-to-you adorable baby threads. Some of my favorites are Swaddle, Once Upon A Child and Max Mamas.

3. Keep the Diaper Station in Order

Clear bins, closet shelves, or even a hanging shoe organizer can work wonders for keeping those diapers within reach. 

Pro tip: Keep a stash in each room you spend time in — nothing like a diaper emergency in the living room with no supplies in sight. Click here to read about how to create a “baby care” basket.

And here’s a bonus for you — keep an eye on local supermarket sales or join one of the parenting groups in Oklahoma City. Some of them run diaper-sharing programs, which can be a lifesaver, especially for those first few months when your little one will race through sizes so fast!

4. Meal Prep Like a Masterchef

The 4th trimester is all about giving your body the love and nutrients it needs to heal and power you through those early, sleep-deprived weeks with your little one.

The solution? Meal prep, my friend. Now, I’m not talking about slaving in the kitchen for hours. You’ve got enough on your plate (pun totally intended!). I mean simple, delicious, and nutritious make-ahead meals. 

We’re talking big-batch veggie lasagna, hearty chicken soup, or chicken enchiladas – all that you can easily freeze and reheat when hunger strikes.

But hey, if you’re looking at your third trimester belly and thinking, “There’s no way I’m cooking up a storm right now,” there’s an alternative. You can explore local meal prep services or food delivery options right here in Oklahoma City. One of my amazing friends does meal prep at Judy’s Food Trailer – check her out, you’ll thank me!! 

Investing in your health during this time is so important! It’s not about “bouncing back” (anyone else totally over using that term), it’s about giving your body the fuel it needs to heal, to nurture, and to adjust! 

Here are some of my favorite freezer meals to make ahead!

Healthy Granola

Brown Bag Burritos

Chicken Pot Pie

Pro tip: include meal deliver services, door dash gift cards or local crockpot meal services on your baby registry!

5. Rock-a-bye Baby: Creating a Soothing Sleep Environment

Let’s chat about sleep. 

Yeah, I know, it’s that elusive thing that everyone says you’re gonna miss once your baby arrives. But don’t worry, you’ve got this. Sleep is all about setting up the right vibes, for both you and your little one.

First off, you want to make sure your baby’s room is calm, cozy, and free from distractions. Think of it like creating a little zen bubble for your baby to drift off to sleep.

Noise-cancelling curtains and white noise machines will become your new BFFs. They create a gentle, soothing backdrop.

Setting up a sleep-friendly environment is more than just about catching some Zs. It’s about creating a space that helps your baby (and you!) feel secure, comfortable, and relaxed. Here are a few of my favorite resources for sleep:

Sound Machine – This is such a good investment – our kids still use them as teenagers.

Rockabye Baby! My babes loved these and it was so great to have some familiar tunes in our nursery.

Want more help with newborn sleep? Reach out for my current recommendations on post-partum doulas. They are such a big help!

6. Navigating OKC with Your New Baby

Just because you’ve got a mini-me in tow doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the best of Oklahoma City.

First things first, invest in a good stroller. Find a stroller that’s comfy for your little one, easy for you to maneuver, and rugged enough to handle Oklahoma City sidewalks.

I was lucky enough to get 2 strollers at my first baby shower and hands down I would recommend a jogging stroller like this one.

OKC is full of baby-friendly places that you’ll love too. Our parks are a great starting point – they’re perfect for leisurely strolls, and they’ve got those oh-so-important diaper changing stations.

Scissortail Park

Myriad Gardens

Will Rogers Gardens

And if you’re a foodie like me, you’ll appreciate the many cafes in OKC that offer a warm welcome to moms and their babies. My personal favorite? The Wedge Pizzaria – great food and the outdoor space on a beautiful day is great!

If you’re into exercising or yoga check out Pro3Health in Moore, OK – she has great mommy and me classes for $10/session. It’s a great way to get some exercise, bond with your baby, and meet other moms.

Exploring OKC with your baby isn’t just about getting out of the house. It’s about making memories, experiencing new things together, and showing your baby the world – starting with our little corner of it. Trust me, the fresh air, the change of scenery, and the adventures you’ll experience are all worth it!

7. Local Support for OKC Moms

This journey of motherhood, it’s not something you have to do alone! In fact, it’s way more fun when you have people to share it with. 

There’s an army of fellow moms right here in Oklahoma City who are ready to join forces with you. You’ve just got to find them.

So where do these moms hang out? 

I actually wrote an entire post about how to find mom friends in Oklahoma City. Check it out here!

Start with your local community center or library. They usually host mom-and-baby meetups where you can chat about everything from diaper brands to sleep schedules while your little ones play. Nothing beats an in-person heart-to-heart with another mom who gets it.

But what if getting out and about isn’t in the cards? 

Start with your local community center. They usually host mom-and-baby meetups where you can chat about everything from diaper brands to sleep schedules while your little ones play. Nothing beats an in-person heart-to-heart with another mom who gets it.

But what if getting out and about isn’t in the cards? 

There are plenty of online communities full of Oklahoma City moms just like you. Facebook groups, Instagram pages, even Reddit threads – there’s a wealth of information, advice, and support out there.

Librairies are a great place to check out because they often have storytime sessions for little ones. You get to meet other moms, and your kiddo gets entertained! 

The importance of having mom friends can’t be overstated. It’s about more than just having someone to vent to when your baby won’t sleep or your toddler throws a tantrum in the supermarket (although that’s pretty important too). It’s about shared experiences, mutual support, and growing together as parents!

8. Hospital Bag: It’s More Than Just Socks and Snacks

First things first, you’re gonna want the essentials. Yes, socks and snacks make the cut. Trust me, hospital floors are cold and hospital food… well, it leaves something to be desired. But there’s so much more you’ll want to pack.

Next up, baby gear. You’ll need an outfit for your little one, a swaddle blanket, and don’t forget the car seat. Hospitals won’t let you leave without one, and you don’t want to be stuck shopping online in the recovery room!

Of course, we can’t forget about you, mama. Pack a comfy outfit for your trip home, toiletries, and any medication you might need. Make sure to include your favorite lip balm because hospital air can be drying.

One of the best things I suggest is to bring a pillow and/or blanket from home that you love. You’d be surprised how comforting a little piece of home can be when you’re in a hospital room or away from home.

Remember, your hospital bag is more than just a bag; it’s your lifeline to comfort and sanity during your hospital stay. So pack wisely and don’t skimp on those homey touches!

9. Planning to Introduce Pets to Your Newborn

Okay, I know you’ve been thinking about this one!

How is your four-legged friend, going to react to the new family addition?

First off, let me share my own experience. When my first child came home, our dog, Lucy, was a mix of curious and jealous. The sounds, smells, and the sudden shift of attention. She was confused! But, we took our time and introduced them gradually. I let Lucy sniff the baby’s blanket first. And you know what? They became the best of friends!

Just remember that each pet is unique. So, while my pet may adjust quickly, your pet might need a little more time and that’s perfectly okay. The key is patience, and yes, a lot of it!

But here’s some advice: before the baby arrives, try to gradually decrease the attention you give your pet. I know it sounds a bit harsh, but it’s to avoid a sudden shift in attention when the baby comes. 

Once the baby is here, slowly introduce your pet to the baby’s scent by letting them sniff baby’s clothes or blanket before you get home from the hospital.

And don’t forget, safety first. Never leave your newborn alone with the pet. It’s all new to them too, and it will take time for everyone to adjust.

Now, if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed, and I don’t blame you, there are local pet training classes in OKC. They’re fantastic for providing extra guidance and helping to smooth out this introduction process. Plus, it’s a great excuse to meet other pet-loving parents in town!

The pet-baby introduction is an incredible journey filled with cute moments that will melt your heart. Trust me, the sight of your fur baby and your real baby becoming best buddies will be worth all the effort!

10. Hire your newborn (and/or birth) photographer!

No surprise that I’m going to add this to the list right?

This is not just about capturing cute baby pictures, it’s about freezing those precious moments in time and creating tangible memories that will take you back to the early days of parenthood (the good parts anyway 😉 ) 

A skilled newborn photographer knows how to capture the delicate details, the overwhelming love, and the pure magic that surrounds your little bundle of joy. 

They have a knack for creating stunning compositions that reflect your unique journey into parenthood. 

Click here to read more about finding the perfect photographer for your family in Oklahoma City.

Imagine snuggling up with your newborn, looking through a beautifully crafted photo album, and reliving those fleeting moments. Or proudly displaying a stunning wall gallery that showcases the love and joy that fills your home.

It’s these heartfelt memories that will last a lifetime and bring smiles to your faces for years to come (trust me on that one)!

So, go ahead, add “Hire a Newborn Photographer” to your list (I know a great one 😉 )

Friend, Your dedication to preparing and loving your baby even before their arrival shows what an amazing mom you’re going to be!

I hope this blog post has offered you some unique and new ideas on how to prepare for your newborn in Oklahoma City!

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