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May 13, 2024

Home Birth in Oklahoma City

Did you have a little sticker shock the first time you got a quote from a photographer? You’re not alone! I mean, I’m a photographer and I definitely remember thinking, “I’m sorry – how much?” the first time I wanted to book a custom photography experience. If you’re anything like me, you like to pay […]

April 29, 2024

When I got pregnant, I started seeing my OBGYN for all the important appointments. I loved my doctor, she was someone I knew from my home church and someone I knew had lots of experience. But then, when I decided to take the Bradley Method birth class, my eyes were opened to a whole knew […]

April 11, 2024

OKC Birth Photography | Norman, OK

Picture this – you’ve just had your first baby and after the first 48 hours you’re realizing that you have to figure out how to soothe this sweet child with a MAJOR language barrier. You can’t understand what it needs and trying to decipher the cries while being exhausted from birth is more than you […]

March 4, 2024

When it comes to childbirth and the transition to motherhood, there’s a subject that often remains misunderstood or stigmatized: postpartum mental health. In this post, my goal is to bring light to this subject. While it’s definitely become more open in the past few years, I feel like mental health (especially as a woman in the […]

February 26, 2024

Ever find yourself at midnight wanting to devour a jar of pickles with ice cream? Maybe not that extreme – but anyone who’s been pregnant knows that pregnancy can come with some weird cravings, right!? But could those cravings actually mean something? Today I’m sharing 4 surprising insights into what your cravings might mean. The […]

February 1, 2024

OKC Birth Photography | Norman, OK

I didn’t want to admit my baby had colic. It made me feel like there was something wrong with me or my baby, so I just tried to ignore it instead of looking for a solution. I wish I’d gone about things differently! A challenge a lot of parents face with new babies is colicky […]

January 9, 2024

Ada OK | Newborn Photography

Whether you’re a seasoned pro with a clan of little ones at home, or a first-timer eagerly counting down the days to that special due date, there’s something universal about preparing for a new baby – the time always flies by faster than we expect!  Being a mom myself, I’ve gathered a lots of wisdom […]

December 13, 2023

Birth Photography OKC

Dear Amazing Birth Workers, I see you. I see the importance of what you do with each and every mother you serve. You’re so strong – fighting for your mamas in every decision as they go through the process of birthing their precious child. As you go on this beautiful journey of serving your clients, […]

October 30, 2023

I’ll never forget when my son, our second child, was born. I had this ideal vision in my head that our first child would immediately fall in love with him. Needless to say, this didn’t happen. She was a bit stand-offish for a few days, but slowly she came around to the idea that he […]

October 18, 2023

Have you ever heard photographers use terms like “Fine Art” & “Lifestyle” and “Day-in-The-Life?” Maybe you’re vaguely familiar, but also not too sure what exactly these terms mean? Well, I’ve got you! By the end of this blog, you’ll be able to identify each photography style and select the one that will best preserve your […]