April 21, 2022

Top 10 Items to Pack for a Hospital or Birth Center

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Now that you’re pregnant, it’s time to start thinking about what you’ll need to pack for the hospital or birth center. Here’s a list of essential items to help make your stay as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

A birthing suite at OU Medical in Oklahoma City.

1. Insurance cards, ID, and your birth plan

Don’t forget these important documents as you’ll need them for check-in and paperwork. If you have a birth plan, be sure to print off a few copies and pack them as well.

A birth plan of soon-to-be parents in Oklahoma City.

2. Comfortable clothes to wear during labor and delivery

You’ll want to be super comfortable during this special time so be sure to wear what allows you to move around.

3. Toiletries

Pack your toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo/conditioner, and any basics. Other items like lip balm, hair ties, lotion, saline solution and contacts for you and your partner. Be sure to pack any specific medication as well as items like antacids and headache medicine if needed.

4. Clear fluids

It’s very important to stay hydrated during labor and delivery, and clear liquids are best. Water, coconut water, and electrolytes are great options to stay hydrated.

5. Nonperishable Snacks

You’ll likely need an energy boost during labor. Granola/protein bars, crackers, applesauce dried fruit, and nuts are great options

6. Change of clothes for you and your partner

After delivery, you’ll want to change into a fresh set of clothing, so be sure to grab something comfortable. Be sure to include tops that are easy for nursing. Pants that have elastic bands are a must as you adjust and heal your postpartum body. Also, don’t forget what you’d like to wear as you’re leaving and headed home from your birth location.

7. Electronics and Chargers

You’ll want to keep in touch with the important people in your life on this special day, don’t forget that all-important phone charger. 🙂 Are you planning to have music playing during your labor? Bluetooth speakers are a must. Do you like a fan on you at all times? I packed a small fan for both of my births and it was life-giving.

8. Car seat

This is a must for taking your little one home. Speaking of, have you learned how to install your child’s car seat yet? Be sure to check your local resources for someone to assist you if not. If you’re in Oklahoma, check out the Oklahoma Highway Safety page for inspection stations in your area.

Essential oils used at a natural birth in Oklahoma City.

9. Items for a comfortable environment

A diffuser, massage oil, electric candles, pillows, music, and a robe can make your birthing experience better if they get you in a more comfortable vibe.

10. Your birth photographer 🙂

Ok, ok, you don’t actually pack this one, BUT, having someone there to capture the most important day of your life can take priority.

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